Terms Of The Competition

1. “Statues Quo Team”, which has its registered office in Athens, organises a promotional activity called “Greek Chalet Project” (hereinafter referred to as “Competition”) in order to promote the artistic work of its owners.

The Competition will be carried out in accordance with the following terms and conditions, all of which are hereby stipulated to be material (hereinafter “Detailed Terms”). Throughout the effective period of the Competition, the Detailed Terms will be uploaded and updated on an ongoing basis on the official website “www.statuesquo.org”.

2. The Competition shall run from the time the first item is sold from the website https://opensea.io/collection/statuesquoworld (hereinafter the “Effective Date”) and end once the company’s team accepts the offer at the competition regarding item #2.501 (hereinafter the “Expiry Date”). All entries of those persons purchasing at least an item during the Term of the Competition and fulfilling the requirements of these Detailed Terms will be considered valid.

It is expressly stipulated that any purchases of items after the Competition’s Expiry Date shall be invalid, shall be automatically deemed non-existent as if they were not made and shall neither produce any effects nor bind “Statues Quo Team” or any third party.

3. Any natural person who is at least 18 years old and has legal capacity to act is eligible to participate in the Competition. Any entries by minors shall be excluded and rejected. The employees of “Statues Quo Team”, their first and second degree relatives as well as any persons lacking legal capacity shall be excluded.

4. The Competition: For a person to be considered as a participant in the Competition (“Participant”), one must purchase at least one of the 2,500 items on the website “https://opensea.io/collection/statuesquoworld”  and keep it in their possession until the winner of the competition is chosen. In case such item is sold before this point in time, the entry in the competition shall be transferred to the new owner of the item. The Competition shall be held in public through the Official Social Accounts of “Statues Quo Team” and shall produce a total of five (5) numbers ranging from #2501 to #5,000 which will match the items posted on the website “https://opensea.io/collection/statuesquoworld”, using electronic means which guarantee random choice and exclude any human intervention. The first number will correspond to the winning item, whose holder will win the prize. The other 4 numbers will correspond to the runner-ups in case the winner does not accept the prize.

5. The winner shall win the prize which is strictly personal, is not transferable for any reason to any person other than the winner and may not be exchanged for cash. The winner shall be contacted with any appropriate means within two (2) weeks from the time s/he is declared winner by the official website “https://statuesquo.org”. When contacted, the winner shall be asked whether s/he accepts the prize and in the affirmative, s/he will be asked to provide their full details (those deemed necessary) for the purpose of identification. If the winner does not respond within 5 business days, the communication is not possible etc., or the winner states that s/he does not accept the prize, “Statues Quo Team” is discharged from any obligation to the specific winner and the prize will be awarded to the first runner-up in relation to whom the same procedure as per above will be followed, and so on up to the third runner-up. If none of them accepts the prize, this will be transferred to a Greek charitable organisation by decision of the “Statues Quo Team”.

6. Each Participant shall be solely responsible for submitting their entry correctly and validly in accordance with the provisions of these Detailed Terms. In case the Participant does not submit a valid entry in compliance with the provisions of these Detailed Terms, “Statues Quo Team” will be entitled throughout the Term of the Competition and following its expiry to disqualify such Participant from the Competition selection procedure, even at the stage of transfer and/or delivery of the prize without such Participant being entitled to raise any claim or demand.

7. It is noted that once the prize is delivered to the winner, “Statues Quo Team” shall bear no liability whatsoever for issues involving any type of defect or shortcoming in general with respect to the prize nor shall it incur any other expenses or costs involving the prize. Moreover, filling in and signing the relevant statement of Prize acceptance, as well as signing the notarial deed of transfer of the prize to the winner shall be carried out by a notary public selected solely by “Statues Quo Team”. “Statues Quo Team” shall be charged with all taxes, fees and expenses required to complete the transfer of the prize to the winner, including the fees of the notary public and the transcription expenses of the ownership title to the competent Cadastral Office/Land Registry in which the Property is registered. However, in case the winner wishes to assign to a lawyer of his/her choice the mandate to verify and/or attend the execution of the notarial deed of prize transfer to the winner, such legal fees and expenses shall be charged to the winner. The winner shall pay for any expenses incurred by the same to travel to the place where the deed of transfer and delivery of the prize shall be signed. It is noted that following the transfer and delivery of the prize to the winner, “Statues Quo Team” shall bear no liability whatsoever nor shall it be charged with any other costs, expenses, fines, taxes or fees involving the prize including, but not limited to, any tax charges of any kind involving the acquisition and possession/ownership of the Property, any type of defect, whether actual or legal, or generally any shortcoming with respect to its construction, maintenance, fees, fines due to arbitrary actions etc. which shall be charged solely to the winner following the transfer and delivery of the Property.

8. “Statues Quo Team” is entitled to cancel any participation at any stage of the Competition, even at the time of delivery of the prize in case: (a) the Participant does not fulfil the conditions of participation in the Competition under the Detailed Terms; (b) communication with the winner is not possible within the prescribed deadlines set in these Detailed Terms or if the winner does not accept the Prize and/or (c) the winner does not provide all the required documents and information deemed necessary for signing the relevant notarial deed of transfer and for the receipt of the prize, and does not collaborate with “Statues Quo Team” by producing all the required documents and information deemed necessary by the company, the notary public and the competent authorities to transfer the prize.

9. Once the Competition expires and the prize is delivered as per the foregoing, “Statues Quo Team” shall be discharged from any obligation. “Statues Quo Team” shall have no obligation to the Participants, shall have no penal or civil liability to the winner or any third party for any fees, taxes, fines or any loss and/or failure caused directly or indirectly associated with the prize for any reason whatsoever. Moreover, “Statues Quo Team” shall not be liable for any actual or legal defects the prize may present.

10. By taking part in the Competition, every Participant grants his/her express and unreserved consent and authorisation to “Statues Quo Team” with respect to the promotion of the Competition and/or its results on the radio, TV, cinema, printed and online press, internet (including social media) and through any websites etc. and other means owned by “Statues Quo Team” and, in general, the advertising exploitation of any fact and/or event associated with the Competition using all appropriate means, without any obligation of information or payment of indemnity. For a period of three (3) months from termination of the Competition, “Statues Quo Team” is entitled to: a) promote the Competition and/or its results through the internet and social media in order to inform the public, promote and advertise the Competition; b) announce the name of the winner on its website and c) obtain audiovisual material (photos, videos) while the Competition is running and promote such material (as is or after adaptation, editing etc.) in the media referred to in (a). Participation in the Competition implies the consent of every Participant to the above, the assignment of any necessary rights (copyright, royalties) for the specific uses without any further claim, demand etc. against “Statues Quo Team”.

11. The Competition will be postponed if the price of the Ethereum falls below 800 dollars.

12. “Statues Quo Team” does not assume any obligation for securing or assisting access to websites or providing facilities to any interested party. Access to its website “https://statuesquo.org” is allowed only under the operating terms of the relevant server and the technical and other conditions and specifications of the Competition. “Statues Quo Team” shall not be liable for any costs incurred by the participants-users for the above reasons. Participants in the Competition should not offend public decency or public morals or post sensitive data or offensive content against the honour and decency of “Statues Quo Team”, any public or administrative authority or third party. “Statues Quo Team” reserves the right to block the uploading of any offensive, immoral, illegal and in general demeaning content on “https://statuesquo.org” without notice.

13. Participation in the Competition presupposes and implies the express and unreserved acceptance of all these terms. Consequently, Participants waive all their relevant claims against “Statues Quo Team”. Further, “Statues Quo Team” is not liable for any damage that may arise and will result in temporary or permanent discontinuation of the Competition.

14. These Detailed Terms shall be governed by Greek Law and any dispute in connection with their interpretation and/or implementation shall be resolved exclusively by the Courts of Athens, in express prorogation of any other local jurisdiction.

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